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Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic Ultrasound for sports injuries has been used for years by Chiropractors, physiotherapists, and sports therapists in the management of musculoskeletal injuries and associated pain. Now you can do it yourself with the very same treatment at home! read more
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Best Indian Whey Protein – Power Protein

POWER PROTEIN is one of the best Indian whey protein supplements to take after a workout. since it is a special combination of slow- and fast-releasing proteins for both immediate and prolonged muscle regeneration. A serving of Power Protein provides 29.2 g of protein from four sources: Whey Protein Concentrate, Wheat Protein, Calcium Caseinate, and Natural Cocoa Powder. Power Protein is designed to provide both an immediate and a slow release of amino acids for muscle repair. Athletes can go above and beyond to boost their performance by hastening their recovery with this protein blend. How does POWER PROTEIN work? POWER PROTEIN is the ideal post workout protein is , which combines Whey Protein Concentrate, Wheat Protein, Calcium Caseinate, and Natural Cocoa Powder for a light chocolate flavour to sate one’s sweet craving while delivering all the required benefits. Who can take POWER PROTEIN? POWER PROTEIN is whey protein can be consumed by any athlete or fitness enthusiast based on their training regimen and other physical activity. Sportspeople need more protein in their bodies than non-athletes do since their muscles need to be rebuilt and repaired frequently. Strength athletes can consume up to 3 sachets daily, compared to the advised […] read more
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Weight Loss Hypnosis In Melbourne

Weight loss hypnosis is used to control overeating, eliminate cravings, stop emotional eating & bingeing, motivation to exercise. Those of us who have struggled with weight issues know that it is not just about eating less and moving more. Often, we rely on willpower and are determined to make this “diet” the last one. Willpower wanes. It takes and enormous amount of energy and self-motivation to sustain willpower long-term. Quite frankly, for most people willpower is not sustainable. Weight Loss Hypnosis will reinforce beliefs that will enable you to believe in yourself and that you can succeed with losing weight. Hypnosis helped thousands of people produce immediate results with absolute ease. It’s an amazing technique which will help change the way you look, think and feel about yourself. Hypnosis will reinforce new thought patterns with food and your belief that you can succeed. You will no longer feel helpless and overwhelmed. read more
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Manfaat dan Cara Membuat Minuman Kopi Kencur

Minuman Kopi Kencur Minuman Kopi Kencur – Berbagai Manfaat dan Cara Membuatnya Minuman Kopi Kencur – Mungkin ada beberapa dari Anda yang agak ganjil kala mendengar nama racikan ini. Kopi dengan kencur. Apa gak salah?! Sama sekali tidak ada yang salah. Bagi kamu yang belum pernah mencobanya mungkin akan bertanya-tanya ‘bagaimana rasanya‘. Maka dari itu, saya coba menuliskan artikel Manfaat dan Cara Membuat Minuman Kopi Kencur ini agar semakin populer dan manfaatnya dapat dirasakan oleh orang banyak. Cara membuat minuman kopi kencur Saya tidak perlu untuk bercerita panjang lebar terlebih dahulu. Saat ini, saat kamu membaca tulisan ini, saya sembari mengajak kamu untuk praktik membuat minuman ini sekarang. Langkah-langkahnya sebagai berikut:   Siapkan kopi dan kencur. Kopi yang digunakan dapat menggunakan kopi hitam ataupun kopi sachet yang sudah plus gula. Kencurnya cukup seukuran ibu jari saja. Sembari kamu memanaskan air, kupas dan bersihkan kencur terlebih dahulu. Kemudian haluskan dengan cara digeprek, dipotong tipis, ataupun diblender. Setelah air mendidih siapkan racikan kopi kencur dalam gelas. Dosisnya seperti saat kamu akan membuat segelas kopi. Dan tinggal tambahkan kencur yang sudah dihaluskan tadi. Kamu bisa menambahkan gula secukupnya.   Kemudian seduh kopi dengan gelas tertutup. Diamkan sampai kopi hangat dan bisa dinikmati. Sederhana bukan?! Jikalau sedari […] read more
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Types of Wheelchair

Elite Star strives to provide the safest, most reliable and responsive Wheelchair Transportation Services throughout Florida. If you are looking for Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transportation Service in Florida then feel free to Contact us today to get a Quote. Read more about several types of wheelchair – read more
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– Laboratory Supplies

Lab safety supplies are important for the health and safety of lab technicians and students. Some common lab supplies include gloves, eye protection, protective clothing, chemical-resistant apron, etc. Safety equipment is integral to any laboratory workplace. It can protect workers from biological hazards or chemical hazards that happen in lab settings. Supplies for laboratory research are needed for safety and to help keep the lab environment clean. Lab safety supplies are available in many different types. These include goggles, masks, gloves, aprons, foot protection, and more. Each type of supply is used to protect against a different potential hazard that could be encountered while in the lab. For instance, gloves are used to protect against chemicals and other substances that may come into contact with the hands while working in a lab. Laboratory supplies play an important role in the lab and are used to perform experiments.   The following are some of the laboratory supplies that are important for people in the lab:- Laboratory coats, safety goggles, gloves, etc. read more
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What precautions do you need to take while consuming Vilitra 60mg?

When you take Vilitra 60 mg Pills, there are specific safety measures that you need to keep in mind. They are as follows:   Ensure that you are not taking nitrate medications along with Vilitra 60mg. Since mixing the two drugs can cause adverse interactions that may harm your health. Please call a doctor if you continue to experience a painful erection that lasts for more than four hours.   read more
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Safety Aggregate Reporting | Best Clinical Research Training Institute | Clinosol Research

As the name suggests it is an aggregate (collection) of safety data of a particular drug, compiled and submitted periodically to the regulatory agencies to evaluate the risk- benefit balance of drug use. In comparison with single case studies, aggregate reporting is stronger evidence with respect to drug safety. Adverse drug reactions are one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Safety aggregate reporting paves way to mitigate the risk of ADR caused by drugs, medical devices or biologicals. It focuses on encapsulating the safety data during both pre and post marketing phase. More importantly during the Post marketing phase as the incidence of time related side effects can be keenly monitored. In early 1990s the Council for the Organization of Medical Sciences established a safety aggregate reporting techniques as follows: PSUR – Periodic Safety Update Report DSUR – Development Safety Update Report, that has been accepted and implemented widely in many countries under different names. In the EU, PSUR has been adapted as Periodic Benefit Risk Evaluation Report (PBRER) since January 2013 under the influence of European Medicines Association (EMA) and guidance of Good Pharmacovigilance Practices. In India, PSUR is submitted to the CDSCO. PSUR includes drugs […] read more
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Best IVF Center in Udaipur

“Sparsh Women’s Hospital(IVF CENTER) is the best IVF center in Udaipur. SPARSH is Udaipur’s best Fertility Center in Udaipur, with the highest IVF success rate in Udaipur. Dr Monika Sharma, an IVF specialist with 17 years of experience, is one of the best gynecologists and best laparoscopy surgeon in Udaipur. SPARSH Women Hospital is one of the few excellent IVF clinics . All kind of fertility treatments including IUI, IVF (test tube baby )ICSI Donor Services( both semen & egg donation) Blastocyst culture Advanced Gynecologial Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy Laparoscopic Surgeries Myomectomy Ovarian Cystectomy Endometriosis PCOS Treatment Blocked Fallopian Tubes Ectopic pregnan Hysteroscopic surgeries Uterine polyp, septum, Submucous Fibroid” read more
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How the SARS-CoV-2 viral protein damages the heart

Researchers at the Center for Precision Disease Modeling at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) determined how a specific protein in the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 damages heart tissue. They then used a drug to reverse the toxic effects of the protein on the heart.   Their finding was based on studies of Drosophila and mouse heart cells, and was published in Communications Biology.   Compared to virus-uninfected people, people infected with COVID-19 have a significantly higher risk of developing myocardial inflammation, abnormal heart rhythm, blood clots, stroke, heart attack, and heart failure at least one year after infection. Although scientists have rapidly developed vaccines and drugs to reduce the severity of COVID-19 disease, these therapies do not protect the heart or other organs from damage that may be caused by even minor infections.   “To treat patients for a long time, we must first understand the mechanisms that lead to disease. Our study suggests that individual SARS-CoV-2 proteins can cause significant damage to specific tissues of the body, similar to findings for other viruses such as HIV and Zika virus,” said Dr. Zhe Han, senior author, professor of medicine, and director of the Center for Precision […] read more
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