Zhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forward

Xiaohan smiled faintly: “Supervisor Zhong, I have read the information of both of them, and I want to talk to them alone again.”. Tell Deputy Director Wang to go to the psychological interview room later. Give him today’s psychological test! Yes, Chairman! Then I’ll go out first! Zhong Nan finished and politely retreated. See Xiao Liangliang has been silly staring at their own do not speak, Xiaohan is not anxious, quietly sitting there with a smile looking at Xiao Liangliang, thumb on the pen turn ah turn, eventually attracted Xiao Liangliang’s line of sight unconsciously follow turn. Xiao Liangliang has mixed feelings in her heart. Early this morning, she came to the interview excitedly and showed off to her sisters in the dormitory. She thought her day was just around the corner, but she didn’t expect the result to be like this! Does she really want to beg for food under Xiaohan? But how can she live with her self-esteem? And in Zhao Xiaohan’s hands to beg for food, how can she surpass Zhao Xiaohan? So thinking of Xiao Liangliang face reveals determination, eyes are also restored to Pure Brightness: “Zhao Xiaohan, I can’t imagine, you are actually the chairman of EMI!”! The company is yours, and the best resources must be yours. Isn’t it a fool’s dream to surpass you? So, I’m not staying here! And you’re not going to ride roughshod over me! “Xiao Liangliang, I’ve never thought of domineering over you. You don’t deserve to be my opponent!” Said the eyes become cold: “Do not be convinced of my words, you think about it, you and I are on the same starting line?”? In terms of money, power and fame, which is it? I’m not saying this to laugh at you, but I hope you can recognize the fact that you are the one who made our relationship hostile,collapsible bulk container, not me. Since you wanted to enter the entertainment industry, you have regarded me as an imaginary enemy, and as you get closer to the circle, you will fall deeper and deeper. This kind of jealousy and hatred has made you completely lost yourself. Think about it, isn’t it? Xiao Liangliang disdained to curl her lips: “You are now the boss of EMI, is the big star perilla, you are the winner of the status, of course, say anything!” “So,plastic pallet bin, now you don’t think I’m the Zhao Xiaohan you know, you just think, I’m the boss of Baidai, I’m perilla, do you have the qualifications to compare with me?” “I..” Xiao Liangliang paused: “You are perilla, but you disappeared for more than two years!”! You came back clearly to take away the opportunity of many artists, we have worked hard for a few years, but not as hard as you! After listening to Xiao Liangliang’s crooked reasoning, Xiao Han asked with a smile, “Xiao Liangliang, do you think you were a smart student or a stupid student when you went to school?” Xiao Liangliang answered as a matter of course: “Of course it’s smart!” Xiao Han nodded, “Do you think you have made more or less efforts than others?” “A bookworm is a fool!” Xiao Liangliang said with a curl of her lips, apparently she did not like the students who only liked to lie on the books with special efforts. So, do you take the countdown test on purpose every time you take the exam? Rake the opportunity to be a bookworm? When Xiao Liangliang heard this, she understood the purpose of Xiao Han asking her this long string of questions, mobile garbage bin ,euro plastic pallet, and her mouth wriggled, but in the end she didn’t spit out a word. Are you speechless? So, don’t take a bunch of high-sounding reasons to prevaricate, the real reason for your jealousy is just because I am Zhao Xiaohan, your classmate and roommate Zhao Xiaohan, so you can’t accept it! You can’t accept that your classmates, your friends and your sisters surpass you too much! However, have you ever thought that my identity was already like this before I entered the university! I do not say, do not want to show off, but want to live a normal life, please recall carefully, before the perilla, whether it is low-key? Xiao Liangliang wanted to deny it, but found that she really couldn’t find a reason to deny it. Perilla is a low-key artist who can’t be more low-key. Xiaohan has no obligation to reveal her identity to them. If she can’t find the wording, she has to remain silent. Xiao Han said, “Xiao Liangliang, I am willing to spend such a long time to tell you this today, just because we are classmates and roommates, used to be friends and sisters, I am doing my last effort to give you a chance to understand!”! As for whether you sign EMI or not, I will not directly board it now, because there is a psychologist’s test behind it, and you will not become a formal employee of EMI until you pass that test. Xiao Liangliang hesitated for a moment and stood up: “I’d better think about it before deciding!” Xiao Han smiled and nodded: “Yes, but you only have one day, and you can’t wait for the expiration date!”! By the way, do you want to apply for a job in the new century? I can tell you that the road is blocked. Wang Gang, who introduced you to apply for the job, is the younger brother of Wang Qiang in the new century. He was caught by us on the spot. Now the new century is a subsidiary of EMI. Chapter 566 beating! Xiao Liangliang had already moved out of the footsteps suddenly stopped, turned around and stared at Xiaohan with a face that could not be believed, “You.” Are you lying to me on purpose? Do you think I need that? Didn’t you understand what I said just now? You Now Not yet qualified to be my opponent! Understand Xiao Han deliberately paused to finish a sentence with emphasis. Xiao Liangliang’s figure suddenly withered down, she just really hit this idea, Wang Gang said, as long as she is willing to go to the new century, do not need to apply for a contract. Although the strength and influence of the new century is not as good as that of EMI, it can also be counted as an entertainment company in China. She can first seek development and then seek brilliance. Besides, the future development of the new century is not necessarily inferior to that of EMI! But how could this hope be so easily dashed? Now, there are only two ways in front of her, signing other small companies, or striving to enter EMI, the key is, will Zhao Xiaohan treat her fairly? Moreover, in the future, she can only be lower than Zhao Xiaohan! Thinking like this is full of unwillingness to come to mind! Looking at Xiao Liangliang’s uncertain face flashing back and forth, Xiao Han waved his hand: “You go back first, read in our previous friendship, I relax the time to three days, three days later before this time, do not come, the opportunity will be invalid!”! If I come, I will let the psychologist give you a fair interview,wholesale plastic pallet, and you don’t have to worry about what I will do to you after the interview, for the reason I have said before, I will not have the same experience as you! 。 cnplasticpallet.com


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