Why Should You Learn SQL for Data Science?


Some people pronounce SQL as “sequel,” while others as “S-Q-L.” Structured Query Language, or SQL for short, is a widely recognised standard language used for database administration that allows for tasks including data retrieval and manipulation. There has been SQL since the 1970s. Now the question is, why did SQL continue to be popular for so long in this constantly changing and expanding technological era? With that, the question of whether SQL will still be important and in demand in 2023 arises. This essay will provide answers to both of these.

SQL is more than simply a programming language; it also allows us to work with data by viewing it as logical sets, much like joins in SQL adhere to the Venn diagram notation. It is accurate to say that it is a computer language that incorporates concepts from set theory.

In 2023, when most items and sectors have gone online and virtual, let’s go through some reasons for studying SQL. Let’s examine how adding SQL to your skill set can be worthwhile.

  1. SQL is a Programming Language Not Only Limited To Programming Tasks

Programming languages are typically thought to be used only for programming, but SQL defies this notion because it can be used by members of the marketing or sales teams to look through their data by running a few queries on the dataset, such as to see the trend of their sales or marketing campaigns. The financial sector can also benefit from SQL because it is advantageous for financial analysis, which saves time while looking through large-scale financial data. Have a look at the data science course in Canada, where you can master SQLprogramming by working on hands-on data science projects. 

  1. Almost Every Data Technology Supports SQL 

Technology is constantly evolving. To survive in the tech business, one must constantly keep up to date on the latest innovations. Since most data-oriented technologies use SQL interface, SQL becomes a friend during the learning phase of new technology. All technological aspects, regardless of what they are, have data. Hence they must all support SQL in some way. Understanding SQL is advantageous because it is likely to be useful when working with data or data-driven technologies.

  1. Facilitates the Management of Vast Amounts of Structured Data

Data is it! This important data needs to be efficiently managed and stored. As a result of COVID-19’s outbreak, several industries will be entirely virtual by 2022. Ebooks are replacing more books, PDFs are replacing more documents, and excel sheets are replacing data entry registers. This generates more data, which generates a demand for data management. When a database contains millions of records, manually analyzing the data is not always practical. It is efficient to carry out a variety of actions using SQL queries, including collecting rows based on specific filter criteria from the enormous database and manipulating it as necessary.

  1. A Practical Data Analytics Tool

Data analysis is analyzing and interpreting data to draw out important information that can be used to help answer questions or solve problems. Because data analysis requires working with a vast amount of data and conducting manipulation on it, SQL is mentioned as the most in-demand talent in the skill set for data analyst professions. By examining market trends, SQL facilitates a data analyst’s ability to make smart business decisions that can benefit stakeholders. Mastering SQL for data analysis is possible through the data science certification course, offered by Learnbay. 

  1. The Finishing Touch for Data Mining

Since SQL, as we all know, works with data, it can assist in mining useful data from a pool of datasets when huge data sets are involved. Data can be classified, and figures can be estimated for some information, such as forecasting the price of stocks from historical data and analyzing whether to buy or not, thanks to SQL Server’s data mining platform, which performs operations like classification, estimation, clustering, and prediction. It will then include logical elements and studies it to go through the current market trends and future trend projections. The helpful information retrieved during data mining may be used to make a company more proactive and knowledge-based.

  1. Beneficial for Career Development in Data Science

You may have heard that data science is the sexiest job of the twenty-first century if you are interested in data science and want to pursue a career in it. Data Science is a lucrative career path, and a data scientist must investigate the data by diving into its sea of patterns and discoveries. Do you know which Data Science talent is simpler and more essential to learn? This is SQL. SQL is the main API used by big data platforms to manage relational databases. Some of the concepts practical while working with SQL in data science include joins, null values, indexes, primary and foreign keys, and subquery.

SQL is an In-Demand Tool

As you can see, whether a person is a business analyst, product manager, or developer, SQL helps them advance their careers. According to job portals, the most in-demand expertise is SQL because it is a powerful and simple programming language. Because SQL is closely related to technologies, many leading technologies, as well as leading financial giants, request it. So start learning SQL as it will help you get the job you want. Sign up for a data science course in Dubai, and learn directly from the industry tech leaders.


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