What are the most common dental issues?

If you want healthy teeth and gums to sport the best smile ever and fresh breath, then it is imperative to visit the dentist at least once in six months. This will ensure that you remain away from common dental problems.


Let us find the most common dental problems here along with their treatment options.


Tooth Decay

Tooth decay or dental caries or dental cavities is one of the most common dental problems. It can happen to everyone at some point in life. it happens when a bacterium forms a film or plaque on the tooth. Due to the sugar present in the food and bacteria feeding the same, they produce acids from it. The same acid eats and damages the enamel and even the dentin layer which is under the enamel. Due to such a breakdown, cavities or holes happen inside the teeth. Due to this, you will experience toothaches, bad breath, spots on the teeth, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, etc.


It can be treated using dental fillings, crowns, and a root canal. Search  Dentist near me


Gum issues

Gingivitis is a gum or periodontal disease. In this, a bacterial infection happens due to plaque collection. The symptoms of gum disease are red, itchy, swollen, and bleeding gums. There are cases of bad breath too. Due to bad brushing, gum disease can happen.


Since gingivitis is painless, you may not observe it. To prevent the same, ensure to visit Family dentist Edmonton for a dental checkup.



From gingivitis to periodontitis, when the same is not treated it can become worse. This happens when gum pockets become infected and damage the bone as well as the tissue in the teeth.


Bad Breath

You may not be serious about it, but even bad breath is a common dental problem. It is caused by the factors like poor oral hygiene, dryness in the mouth, medication, infection, etc.



When it becomes difficult to consume hot and cold foods, it means that the enamel is worn away. Also known as dentin hypersensitivity, it is a result of tooth decay.


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