1. Use of visuals:  Every website has two basic components: visuals and content. Visuals are used to engage, interact, and communicate on a website. Images Using images connects and relates to your audience; you can use stock images or photos from your own business. Shutterstock is the best website to find high-quality and appealing images for any type of business, and Unsplash is the best website to find free images. We truly think that using images can have an impact on a site’s speed and performance. As a result, we recommend using optimized images only when absolutely necessary. Vectors Vectors are used as a replacement for images. This type of visual element is responsive, which means it is compatible with mobile users, and lightweight, which means it has a minimal impact on website performance. If you have a team that can create unique vectors, that’s a plus, but you can also buy from the best sources, such as Shutterstock and Freepik (Freepik offers you free and paid vectors, images, illustrations, etc.).   Videos Today is the age of videos, and they have a huge impact on viewers. Videos are the best way to convey a message in an elaborative and […] read more