Many manufacturing companies deal with challenges associated with product performance. For instance, smartphone manufacturing companies often face obstacles like system overheating. Such overheating problems are sometimes not detected during product testing. They clear the entire testing phase easily due inadequate test case scenarios. Later detection of such issues can result in record losses. Therefore, manufacturing companies should use a dedicated ad seasoned thermal design engineer or contact thermal analysis consultant services.  Companies should always rely on consultant services like Thermal Design Solutions. The services deliver extraordinary assistance to worldwide electronic manufacturing & selling companies. This consultancy addresses the issue that can likely lead companies to considerable losses later in the business cycle. Thermal Design Solutions engineers are experts in many areas of thermal engineering. For instance: Thermal Simulations: Thermal Design Solutions employs different tools and technics to deal with system overheating problems. One such tool is Icepak simulations which is used in almost all thermal design and diagnostics cases. The idea of Icepak simulation is basically to reproduce device performance in various assumed environments and use cases. The thermal consultant uses the thermal simulation tool to see if thermal limits will be exceeded under different scenarios. When used properly, such […] read more