People may not want to talk about this matter because they may find it frightening to think about a car accident, even in their dreams, but is there any other way to prevent such issues besides good fortune? In addition to negligent driving, mechanical failure also contributes to fatal auto accidents. When a vital component completely fails, such as when the brakes fail, the tyres blow out, or even the engine fails while driving, this is known as mechanical failure. One needs to keep up with ifs and buts of the mechanical failure cause because it is a very sensitive topic. Here we have tried to discuss the major breakdowns that have the potential to wreak havoc. Tyre blowouts always turn fatal Tyres are a major point of contact with the surface. However, it plays a major role in driving along with other parts like steering, suspension, etc. But what happens when a tyre blows out all of a sudden, especially at very high speed? Naturally, the driver may lose balance, and there might be a fatal consequence. However, what happens when a tyre blows out unexpectedly, especially when travelling at high speed? Naturally, a driver could become unbalanced and […] read more