Informatica MDM Training in Chennai  is a comprehensive course designed to help professionals gain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage and maintain master data. This course covers the fundamentals of master data management, including data governance, data quality, data integration, and data security. It also provides an overview of the Informatica MDM platform and its features.   The course begins with an introduction to master data management and its importance in today’s business environment. It then covers the basics of data governance, including the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, the importance of data quality, and the different types of data integration. The course also covers the different components of the Informatica MDM platform, such as its architecture, its features, and its integration with other systems.   The course then dives into more advanced topics such as data security, data cleansing, and data synchronization. It also covers how to use Informatica MDM to create a single version of truth for master data. Finally, the course provides hands-on exercises to help students gain practical experience with the platform.  Informatica MDM Courses in Chennai is ideal for professionals who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of master data management and how […] read more