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Trustworthy Divorce Attorney Orange County to Protect your Rights

  At Jos Family Law firm, our compassionate and dedicated divorce attorneys Orange County understand that not all marriages can work out. Unfortunately, you may find yourself needing an attorney to protect your rights during a divorce and the allied issues that follow. Led by the caring divorce attorney Orange County Mr. Binoye Jos, we have a culture of transparency and utmost devotion to deliver the best possible counsel to individuals who are going through a tough phase within their family. Common Grounds for Divorce in Orange CountyEach marriage is unique, and so are the reasons couples decide to separate from each other. Some common causes of divorce include: ● Domestic Violence● Substance Abuse● Gambling and other Addictions● Controlling behavior● Financial Difficulties or Disagreements● Extramarital Affairs● Lack of Emotional Support● Religious Differences● Lack of Support from other Family Members Our Divorce Attorneys in Orange County are Here to HelpDivorce attorneys at Jos Family Law completely understand the complexities of marriage. That is why we offer comfort to our clients and stay with them throughout the process and pursue their rights within the marriage. Each attorney at our law firm specializes in all aspects of family law. Mr. Binoye Jos will provide one-on-one […] read more
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Choose a Divorce Mediation Attorney in Westminster

Mediation is an alternative process to litigation. Divorce mediation involves a neutral third party that assists both parties in reaching an agreement to finalize their divorce. The mediator formulates strategies to address all the unresolved issues from their marriage. Such issues include alimony, asset division, child support, parental and visitation rights, child custody, and more.    With so much at stake, you must place your trust in a divorce mediation attorney Westminster to minimize the risk of not getting the outcome you want. You should consult a divorce mediation attorney in Westminster before mediating an agreement even with mediation. Jos Family Law can give you sound legal advice for a successful mediation with your spouse.    What is the Role of the Mediator? A mediator is a neutral third party who facilitates healthy communication between both parties and helps them reach a favorable agreement that’s mutually acceptable to both. If the parties successfully reach an agreement, they avoid the complexities of a trial.    Please note that the mediator isn’t a judge who can make a final decision. Neither is the mediator an attorney who will represent either party individually. The penultimate goal of the mediator is to reach an agreement that’s […] read more
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Resolve your Family Law Issues with a Divorce Mediation Attorney Cypress

Divorce is a stressful, complex, lengthy, expensive, and emotionally-charged affair. A trial divorce often ends up on a bitter note as both parties approach this form of dispute resolution with a contentious mindset.    But participating in mediation for divorce or legal separation can serve as a healthy alternative to trial-based litigation.    With the assistance of a divorce mediation attorney Cypress, your resolution to divorce can be less costly while giving the parties a chance to form a favorable agreement that works for both of them with the help of a neutral third-party mediator.    What are the Benefits of Mediation? A mediated divorce offers several benefits over a litigated divorce, including:   ●    Mediation is less costly than litigation; ●    Mediations are less stressful; ●    Mediation is less demanding than litigation; ●    Mediation is more predictable with the chances of a favorable outcome for both parties; ●    Mediation offers both spouses to express their views in a confidential setting; ●    Mediation is less time-consuming than a trial ●    Mediation is not an adversarial means to end a marriage, unlike litigation.   Not only does mediation save time and money, but it also […] read more
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Get Help for your Divorce with a Divorce Mediation Attorney Brea

  Many times, a family law matter like a divorce can be stressful. Even the most happy couple may disagree, which may end up in a prolonged litigation phase. As a result, the separated couple may be forced to spend an exorbitant amount of time and money to come to an agreement via litigation. Moreover, the final order may be a solution that may be in favor of either party.  Mediation is a welcome respite for couples involved in divorce. Many people choose the divorce mediation attorney Brea at Jos Family Law to solve challenging matters related to their divorce. Mediation allows both couples to reach a mutual agreement that yields satisfactory results beyond the courtroom. Our divorce mediation attorney in Brea is dedicated to providing sound legal representation and advice.  Benefits of Divorce Mediation Mediation offers several benefits, such as:   ●    Saves time, energy, and money  ●    Issues are resolved in a non-confrontational setting ●    Private control over the matters by both parties ●    Allows spouses to maintain an amicable relationship after divorce ●    Less stressful and faster resolutions ●    A neutral party facilitates the discussions   If you’re a parent or own significant […] read more
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Get in Touch with a Domestic Violence Lawyer Orange County to Protect yourself

  Abusive relationships cause severe physical, emotional, and psychological injuries. While leaving an abusive spouse isn’t easy, sometimes it may become increasingly necessary. Things may get more complicated if there are children involved. When all this happens, leaving your spouse and filing for divorce is important. This includes having documented evidence of the abuse, being safe, and understanding your options ahead. This is where a domestic violence lawyer Orange County comes in handy. You need a lawyer like Mr. BInoye Jos, who can file for an emergency protective order to protect you and your children. These orders give you temporary custody of the children while preventing your abusive spouse from making contact with or coming near you. A protective order is necessary because you can move on with the divorce and child custody proceedings without worrying or fearing your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Once proceedings have begun, only the court has the power to revoke or alter the order. This is why it’s crucial to have evidence and a domestic violence lawyer Orange County by your side.  Orange County Abuse AttorneysIf you or someone you love is a victim of domestic violence in Orange County, remember that you’re not alone. There’s legal help available […] read more
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Your Trusted Family Law Attorneys in Orange County

Jos Family Law has earned a reputation for Ethical and responsible legal representation that prioritizes securing its clients’ parental rights and interests. When working with our family law attorneys Orange County, you’ll have the confidence of having an experienced attorney managing your legal affairs professionally. You’ll also find that our attorneys are warm and congenial while committed to the highest standards of practice. Our Practice Areas Divorce can rip through any marriage or intimate relationship and has the potential to scar children for a long time to come. That’s why we prioritize resolving your disputes amicably through settlement negotiations. If that doesn’t work, we aggressively fight for your rights in court. Our family law attorneys in Orange County cover the following areas of family law: ● Divorce ● Child Custody ● Child Support ● Mediation ● Asset Division ● Domestic Violence ● Spousal Support ● Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements ● Modification of Orders ● Adoption● Attorney’s Fees ● Paternity● Parental Rights ● Multistate Jurisdiction Contact our Experienced Attorneys TodayTrust is what makes relationships work. That’s the same between an attorney and his client. Trust us to secure the best possible outcome for your case without any micromanagement of circumstances or people. […] read more
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Move Towards an Abuse-Free Life with Domestic Violence Attorney Anaheim

Domestic violence has the potential to ruin families and complicate intimate relationships. The victim faces serious injuries and emotional harm as a result of domestic violence. If you’re a victim of domestic abuse, it’s important that you’re aware of the legal recourse available to you. Similarly, if you’re falsely accused, you’re staring at the possibility of a life-ruining situation. If so, you need a domestic violence attorney Anaheim to aggressively defend you against such false claims. Jos Family Law is a certified domestic violence attorney in Anaheim with considerable experience in witnessing the disastrous consequences of domestic violence on families. Whether you’re a victim of abuse or are falsely accused, we’ll fight for your rights. Call our domestic violence attorneys Anaheim for a free case evaluation and learn how we can help you. How does Domestic Violence Affect Divorce? The problem with domestic violence is that most of these cases happen in homes and have little to no evidence other than both spouses’ words. As such, it may be difficult to prove the charges in a civil or criminal lawsuit. However, California is a no-fault state, which means that the spouse petitioning for divorce doesn’t have to cite any reason to separate. […] read more
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