Do you know that shoppers use Amazon not only to buy products but also to check out new products? According to an Amazon study, 80% of shoppers use Amazon to try new products.

Every Amazon seller’s main aim is to get their products in front of customers. To get that visibility and to compete with other sellers you need to promote your products.

Here I’ll show you some tips to promote your products on Amazon and increase sales.



Lightning Deals are the best daily deals that are simply described as limited-time offers that you put on your products. This is a quick way to promote and sell your products on Amazon.

It gives a sense of urgency to the customer with the limited number of products or limited time offer. Customers don’t have much time to think and hence they grab your product.

Discounts offered must be 30% more than the price of your product in the last 30 days. The best thing about lightning deals is that there’s a dedicated page on Amazon.

Also, we have another best thing for you to know about the best daily deals. Before planning to promote your products, you actually need to have the product in place.

Obvious right? To source products, you need to first find the best daily deals products on the daily deals website.

At online there are plenty of daily deals websites available, but finding the best daily deals on products is quite difficult.

For that, we’ve got a recommendation for a FREE TOOL. Amz Online Arbitrage is a platform where you get access to various products for deals.

With Amz Online Arbitrage, you don’t have to visit various daily deals websites to find profitable products.

By visiting Amz Online Arbitrage you just simply need to sign in and get access to different products available for deals from various online stores.

Just choose your products, purchase them from the stores from the Amz Online Arbitrage website itself and sell them on Amazon.


Who doesn’t love discounts? Discounts are a great way to tempt your customers to buy more products than they usually would.

With that said, discounts are a great promotional tool that increases your sales significantly, as everyone loves discounts. Discounts are one of the most basic ways to promote products on Amazon without putting too much effort.


According to a comScore survey, 55% of online shoppers are likelier to abandon shopping carts that don’t offer free shipping.

Free shipping will allow you to stand out from the crowd, allowing you to build visibility that differentiates you from competitors.

4. OFFERS   

Offers, like “Buy 1 Get 1 free”, can be great ways to promote your products. Also, you can sell your slow-moving products.

Make sure, the products you’re going to offer are related and in the same product line. You can sell your product, with a freebie and ask them to leave a review for both.


Conducting Amazon Giveaway is a great way to promote your products, gain visibility and engage more audiences.

Amazon giveaway will let people know that your brand exists and give them the opportunity to try your products for free.


Choosing the right product without checking the daily deals amazon website is equally important before planning to sell or promote your products.

To source the right products to sell on Amazon, you don’t have to waste your time spending in analyzing daily deals websites.

Simply visit Amz Online Arbitrage to check for a profitable deal on products, source from the store, and sell them on Amazon.

For more tips and information on Amazon selling, keep checking Amz blog.  



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