Sofa Styles and Furniture Trends 2022

This coming 2021, expect to be bombarded with trends and styles for sofas. Whether you have a modern or classic home design, there’s always a great sofa for your home. Here are 17 styles you must check out.

Nicolette Living Room Set In Dark Grey

1. Sectional

If you have a large space, getting a sectional is a smart idea. Sectionals sofa are great for achieving the desired look while separating sections in your area. However, sectionals are typically large and bulky. That being said, assessing your floor plan should come first before buying the main sofa.

There are two kinds of sectionals:

  • U-shaped. This type of sectional is great for bigger spaces. It consists of a large couch in the center and two lounges or chaises on both sides. You may add a on either of the sides or add a leather reclining sofa to accommodate a bigger family or guests during a party.
  • L-shaped. The L-shaped sectional is another excellent addition to your home — regardless of size. It’s more versatile to place against the wall or in the middle of the room as it only comprises two pieces that are adjoined in one corner.


2. Chesterfield

Though furniture trends 2022 can get you to choose the most modern sofa styles, the Chesterfield has classic roots that never go out of style — regardless of trends in 2021. It is of British origin and it can match any home interior design. However, the overall look of the Chesterfield sofa is classic and elegant.

It’s all about the tufted back and arms. The sofa’s arms are usually rolled and are as high as the back. They come in dark rich brown almost looking like a rich red sofa from a distance.


3. Cabriole

The Cabriole dates back to the Louis XV era. The most distinct style of a Cabriole sofa is its continuous back and arms. The high back and high arms are leveled with elegant curves that go downwards and inwards. In some cases, Cabriole sofas have ornate designs such as wood trims and come in velvet upholstery.


4. Camelback

The main feature of a Camelback sofa is its beautiful curves in the back. The curve reaches the highest point in the middle and both extend into lower curves that slightly ascend on both sides connecting the arms. The legs are typically exposed and the back is also arched, emanating a formal yet delicate look. The color of the fabric can come in a traditional and formal style or can be patterned, depending on how you want to complement your interior.


5. Mid-century modern

A mid-century modern sofa may fit perfectly in a minimalist and modern home interior design. It’s stylish and compact with a rectangular shape. It exudes a linear appeal with exposed and low legs and clean lines overall. Whether you have a classic, modern, or eclectic living room interior, this sofa can complement other interior design elements.


6. English roll arm

This 2021, it’s all about comfortable living and an English roll arm sofa is one that provides comfort and style for your home interior. It is characterized by a high back and extremely low arms. In fact, the arms are designed so low that some may appear armless. The cushions are tight, with removable ones at the bottom and fixed ones in the back. It’s perfect for either a classic or modern living room space.


7. Bridgewater

If you don’t want to overpower the rest of the interior design elements and furniture pieces, use Bridgewater as your main living room sofa. Although coming from British origin, the Bridgewater isn’t as popular as the English roll arm. Its design leans more towards subtlety and it exudes a casual appeal that is perfect for any interior. The back is higher than the arms that slightly roll to the side. And the color is mostly neutral.

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