Scream queen

She smiled: “Obviously anxious to get angry to wipe the ass, thanks to you one by one can make such a condescending expression.” Are you fools the ones who are disgraced in front of the whole world now? Take a good look at how long we’ve been alive since I took off the controller. That’s how long you’ve been exposed to incompetence, stupidity, and being strong on the outside. Do you think you are gods? Those who hide behind the screen and manipulate the life and death of their abilities feel complacent, feel that human lives have become entertainment gimmicks and that the ignorant people of the world have to pay for it, feel that a group of creatures they rule are just so so, and feel that they are sitting on the Diaoyutai. “However, it turns out that you are not as capable as you think, and your control of the situation is not as perfect as you think. Look at your faces.” “Mean, greedy, cowardly, self-righteous ugliness is disgusting.” Zhu Yang turned around and looked at the insect camera in front of him. “Really, do you really think such a fool is unshakable?” Her words were not only to the organizing committee, but also to the apathetic audience. Zhu Yang added, “I’m not interested in knowing how rotten the world is before it becomes a resort for maggots.” She pointed to the people on the screen in midair. “But you guys, I remember.” I have to say that her words completely angered the aristocrats of the organizing committee. One of the men squeezed down in front of the screen, a big face almost filled the screen, and shouted abuse at Zhu Yang. “Just a sacrifice,inflatable air dancer, but also dare to speak wildly, regard the kindness of the organizing committee as weakness, and step on the tolerance of the organizing committee.” “In the view of the organizing committee, you are two tiny ants, and you will get carried away if you avoid them for a while. Our organizing committee has been established for nearly a hundred years, and all the most capable people in the world belong to us.” Do you think you can walk out of this mountain alive? Yes,Inflatable indoor park, since you are ungrateful, you can all die here. “Your family, your lovers, your friends, will come down soon to be with you.” The insidious threat accompanied the ungraceful abuse all over the world, almost like a shrew’s scolding. But no one will only hold the mentality of seeing jokes, because what these guys say is true. This is a crazy world, it is clear that civilization has developed to this point, but there is an existence that can ignore human life and cover up the sky. The lives of people associated with the resistance and their families and friends will be threatened, which is also the reason why it is difficult to become a climate. Everyone listened in silence, but suddenly saw Zhu Yang bend his knees and jump, the whole person jumped to the same level as the screen in midair. Then she raised her hand and pulled the man out of the screen. Pull it out. Chapter 197 There are thousands of abilities in the world, and as the ruling class, inflatable bounce house with slide ,Inflatable mechanical bull, the organizing committee must have seen more, and there are ways to deal with the absolute part of the ability. To be honest, the reason why these two brothers and sisters have been living freely for so long is not how special their abilities are. In fact, almost every ability they show can find similar substitutes in this world, but few of them are so strong. The ability of a single item is so strong that the basic mountain is enough to lay down a pair of assets to become an aristocrat. What is more terrible is that these two people also have several abilities, and not because of the numerous abilities, the uneven distribution of mental strength leads to each ability is very weak. All the strength assessment and prediction are beyond common sense, not outside the scope of general defense, when the routine is broken, people are always caught off guard, so until now more and more reinforcements, but still can not let the two brothers and sisters be captured. The people of the organizing committee can no longer allow them to run away in this worldwide live broadcast so that they lose face. All with unprecedented favorable conditions to tempt them to surrender, the masses are blind, as long as the results are within the scope of control, as for the process and statement only need extra packaging, both their own endorsement, naturally beyond reproach. But they are used to the superior attitude of facing civilians and contestants whose lives are in their hands. They are full of superiority in their bones, and feel that their lineage, identity and class are different from those of all living beings, and that they are superior beings. So when Zhu Yang made a little provocation, someone was annoyed. A threat of abuse tore up all the previous plans. Even though the other people in the organizing committee thought this guy was a fool who didn’t know what he was, they didn’t really take it seriously. Because the authority of the organizing committee is really not allowed to be provoked by a mere sacrifice, and this guy has made a perverse declaration. Even if she was caught, there would be endless torture and torture, and many people have linked them to the rebels. It is absolutely necessary to put her to death to believe that she is a rebel who has planted herself among the contestants and used the opportunity of global live broadcasting to incite rebellious ideas to the whole world. Then, however, I saw the woman jump up and level with them, and the hand reached out. At first, no one understood the meaning of this action, and the air projection was not even a physical screen. Even if this guy wants to smash the screen to vent his anger, he will only embarrass himself more. Then they saw a hand sticking out of the screen, and the inertia of thought and vision had prevented them from understanding the situation at that moment. Just like watching a 3D movie, realistic special effects give the illusion that something is running out of the screen. Then the talkative man in the front tightened his tie and an arm appeared out of thin air around his neck. Everyone’s brain suddenly exploded. It’s not the visual effect of the video, it’s real, there’s a hand coming through the screen. By the time the two guards in the conference room responded, most of the man’s body had gone into the screen, leaving two feet outside. Just move a step, that whole person has been pulled past. Mingming had just been thousands of miles away in a modern conference room with luxurious and advanced decoration, and the next second, together with his curses,inflatable amusement park, he appeared on the other side of the screen where the flames were burning. Again, there are many kinds of superpowers in this world, and the organizing committee has mastered countless kinds of abilities.


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