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You must first respond to one question before moving on to the tools and strategies you can use to close more deals in 2022. Do you know that about 65% of sales reps’ time is spent on activities that don’t bring in money? Sales productivity and business return on investment suffer as a result. In order to standardize and automate the entire sales process, from prospecting to relationship nurturing, the best sales automation tools are required.


What are tools for sales automation?

Software-based solutions for empowering your sales team to be more successful, consistent, and effective in workflow automation are what sales automation tools are all about. Lead management, contact management, customer follow-ups, pipeline reports, sales analysis, and other tasks are all automated by these tools.


The following manual tasks are no longer necessary with these tools:


Writing emails, prospecting leads, entering data, scheduling meetings, and keeping sales records in Excel are all tasks that can be accomplished with the help of sales intelligence tools. Sales teams can spend less time shuffle papers and more time bringing leads into the pipeline.


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