Rooftop restaurant Ahmedabad

There are many good ambiance restaurants in Ahmedabad, but here are a few recommendations : –

1.      Agashiye:

 This rooftop restaurant at The House of MG serves authentic Gujarati cuisine in a beautiful setting with views of the city. The restaurant has a traditional ambiance with a courtyard and indoor seating.

2.     The Green House:

 This restaurant is located in the quaint old city of Ahmedabad and has a beautiful green outdoor ambiance with plants and trees. The menu is a fusion of Indian and international cuisine.

3.     @Nine:

This restaurant has a chic and modern ambiance with a beautiful outdoor seating area. The menu is a mix of international and Indian cuisine.

4.     Gordhan Thal:

This restaurant serves authentic Gujarati thali in a traditional ambiance with seating on the floor. The restaurant is located in a heritage building in the old city of Ahmedabad.

5.     The Tin Kitchen:

 This restaurant has a quirky and fun ambiance with colorful interiors and outdoor seating. The menu is a mix of Indian and international street food.

Find a Good Ambiance Restaurant in Ahmedabad. We provide European and Mediterranean Food with Great Coffees & Fresh Dough Pizzas.

·         Manek Chowk: This is a popular street food market that is open till late at night. You can find a variety of food options here, from spicy chaat to sizzling kebabs.

·         Lucky Restaurant: This place is famous for its pav bhaji, and it’s open till midnight. It’s located near Lal Darwaja and is a favorite spot among locals.

·         Pizza Zone: If you’re in the mood for some pizza, Pizza Zone is a great option. They’re open till 4 am and offer a range of pizzas and sides.

·         Gwalia Sweets: If you have a sweet tooth, Gwalia Sweets is a must-visit. They’re open till midnight and offer a range of Indian sweets and desserts.

Khau Galli: This street food market is located near Law Garden and is open till late at night. You can find a variety of local dishes here, from Gujarati thalis to Chinese food.

SandwichworkZ: If you’re looking for some quick bites, SandwichworkZ is a great option. They offer a range of sandwiches and wraps, and they’re open till midnight.


These are just a few options, but there are plenty of other late-night food options in Ahmedabad, depending on your taste and preferences.

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