Idle Breakout

Before facing them in fight, make sure your balls are extremely powerful and your prestige has been increased. Similarly to gold bricks, the most efficient technique to attack them is to employ idle breakout accuracy by placing them in the upper part of the screen when they are on it. This will allow you to wreak havoc on their health even faster than previously.

How do you obtain BB? After achieving level 100, a specific row of bricks will turn a dark gray color. You will be given one Black Brick in addition to the money for each one you shatter. They allow you to engage in fight with boss bricks, which grants you skill points. You can then utilize these skill points to earn a lot of boosts against black bricks or a variety of other beneficial boosts. Begin by launching the game and going to the main menu. First, from the drop-down menu that comes after clicking on the gear symbol, select the import option. You must enter one of the provided codes in order to import the save and activate the cheats. Obtaining. Defeating the Gold Brick, which appears every 20 levels, is the most common way to obtain gold. You can also get it by facing the bosses listed in the “Skills” menu.


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