Idle Breakout



Idle Breakout is a simulator-style game that is based on the classic video game Atari Breakout, but it adds its own unique spin on the gameplay. Before engaging them in combat, you should make sure that your balls are very strong and that your prestige has been upgraded. In the same way as with gold bricks, the most effective way to attack them is to take use of the Sniper Ball’s accuracy by placing them in the upper half of the screen when they are on it. This will allow you to shred their health even more quickly than you were able to before. Begin by starting the game and accessing the main menu. First, select the import option from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking on the gear icon. In order to import the save and activate the cheats, you will need to input one of the codes provided. They grant you the ability to engage in combat with boss bricks, which awards you with skill points. You can then spend these skill points to get a significant number of boosts against black bricks or a variety of other useful boosts. Obtaining. Defeating the Gold Brick, which occurs once every 20 levels, is the typical method for acquiring gold. You also have the option of obtaining it by battling the bosses that are available in the “Skills” menu.


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