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Original title: Huacheng “Tuba” online, when you see these four small details, no wonder there are so many people looking forward to it! Hello, everyone, I’m Muzi. Although the ninth episode of Tianguan Blessing was postponed to 10 P. m., many netizens raised their thumbs and praised the production of the ninth episode of Tianguan Blessing. In the ninth episode of Tianguan Blessing, the famous scene of Huacheng and Xie Lian’s “Princess Hug” also excited many netizens, and besides “Princess Hug”, Huacheng’s “Tuba” online also made many netizens look forward to it very much! In the “Heavenly Official Blessing” animation, Huacheng took the lead in jumping into the sinners’ pit,custom tailor tape, and then Xie Lian jumped into the sinners’ pit for Huacheng. But when Xie Lian came to the sinners’ pit, Huacheng had already “changed the number” and changed into its own “tuba”, and this time Huacheng’s “tuba” was also full of details. When you see the four small details of Huacheng’s “tuba,” no wonder so many people are looking forward to Huachang’s “Tuba” online,personalised tailor tape, because it’s so handsome! The true identity of the flower city is one of the four ghost king, has a desperate ability of powerful strength, because the identity of the flower city is very special, so with Xie Lian together, flower city gave himself another name, called Sanlang. In the ninth episode of “Heavenly Official Blessing” animation, Huacheng also changed his real body after jumping into the pit of sinners, and this real body is Huacheng’s “Tuba”. Expand the full text Although the modeling of Huacheng “Tuba” is not very clear in the animation, large print tape measure ,printed tape measure, but when using some clarity tools to repair, you can still see that the modeling of Huacheng “Tuba” is very handsome! Just like some small details in Huacheng are also vividly displayed, and these small details also make Huacheng “Tuba” so highly anticipated! First of all, the first detail is Huacheng’s hair, Huacheng’s “big” hair is very thick, which also makes many netizens thumbs up. At first, when Huacheng approached Xie Lian with the identity of Sanlang, many people complained that Huacheng had too little hair. Before the broadcast of the ninth episode of “Heavenly Official Blessing”, many netizens left official messages on this issue. Now, when Huacheng “Tuba” was launched, the thick hair also met the strong request of many netizens. Then look at the face of Huacheng, although this time Huacheng “Tuba” online retains a sense of mystery, the eye part is a mass of smoke, resulting in the inability to see the eye part, but you can still see the face of Huacheng! The face shape of “Tuba” in Huacheng has changed a lot from the previous face shape of Saburo. The chin of “Tuba” in Huacheng is a little longer, which is very similar to the features of “tuba” in the comic book. And Huacheng’s “big” pigtail is also very good, there are two pigtails in front of Huacheng, and the right pigtail is tied up with red rope, the left one is not tied up, and this shape is also very handsome, so that Huacheng looks both evil and pure! Finally is the flower city weapon “machete life” appeared, as we all know “machete life” is the flower city weapon, and this weapon is also very special, is made by the right eye of the flower city, the attack effect is crushing all kinds of magic weapon! The appearance of “machete life” makes many netizens very excited,keychain tape measure, and the shape of “machete life” is also quite distinctive. Dear friends, what do you think of the launch of “Tuba” in Huacheng? Are you satisfied with the shape and details of Huacheng’s “Tuba”? Welcome all of you to discuss together. I am Muzi, a two-dimensional house who likes animation. Pay attention to Muzi to learn more about animation. [Wen/Muzi] Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.


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