magine enjoying the cool Bonita Springs breeze without having to worry about keeping the bugs and pests away! Screen enclosures are more than just a home improvement project, they are an important addition to your lifestyle. Your new screen enclosure in Bonita Springs will be the new central point of family activities for years to come.

Screen enclosures are most popular in Florida. They can be found in many other places, but Florida is where you will find the most screen-enclosed pools. A combination of the climate, the bugs, and the sun are all that motivate many homeowners in Bonita Springs, Florida to install a screen pool enclosure.

Pool Cage Enclosure Aluminum Masters

Types of Screen Enclosures

There are many different styles and designs for screen enclosures. Among those most popular ones are:

  • Screened-in Porch
  • Porch Enclosures
  • Screened in Patio
  • Screen Rooms
  • Screen Enclosures
  • Patio Enclosures
  • Lanai Enclosures


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