How to use Wax Brittle

How to use wax melt brittle

Regular melts are precisely the same as brittle if you’re not experienced with wax melts in general; nevertheless, you might not even know what to do with them.

All you have to do is locate a wax melt burner, add some of your scented wax to the top, and either use a tea light or, if the burner is electric, turn it on.

The only distinction is that it is simpler to select the right quantity of wax to melt when using brittle.

Perhaps you have a fairly small burner and a clamshell segment is too big. That’s where brittle comes in. No more trying to snap up a thick segment. Instead, you can easily snap a little off from your brittle and you’re good to go.

This also means it might be a little more cost effective as you’re in control over how much you use. With the rising cost of living in the UK, that’s an added bonus!

If you’re wondering how long wax melts last then that’s another story altogether.

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