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In people who are at high risk, there is a medical technique that greatly lowers the likelihood of contracting HIV. Prep, also known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, is an antiretroviral medication that helps people who are HIV-negative to remain HIV-free even if they have sex with HIV-positive or unidentified partners without using a condom.


“High risk” in this context refers to having one or more sexual partners who are HIV positive. It may also refer to engaging in sexual activity in an area where HIV is common, as well as one or more of the hazards listed below:


Your immune system’s CD4 cells, sometimes referred to as T cells, are harmed by HIV. If you don’t have CD4 cells, your body has a difficult time fighting off illnesses. This increases your likelihood of developing serious symptoms from diseases that are typically considered to be benign. HIV causes long-term immune system damage that leads to AIDS.


You have AIDS if you develop several atypical diseases (also known as opportunistic infections) or cancers, or if you lose a specific number of CD4 cells. This occurs approximately ten years after you are diagnosed with HIV if you don’t seek therapy. Treatment for AIDS can assist you in preventing or delaying the onset of the illness.




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