Hindu Contributions to the world in the realm of matter

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Hindu World Contributions within space and time. Content:

In modern times, after an European Colonization of India, it has been accepted as’received information that the Hindus are and will remain a ritualistic and superstitious, affluent modest, and unnoticed as a’static’ group that’s history is just the story of the successive waves of colonizers and invaders who have made India the home of their for some period of time. This course aims to dispel this myth, which was triggered through a 200-year encounter with the colonial era and analyzes the evidence that supports the science technology, inventions industrialization, prosperity and prosperity that have made India the most desirable of civilizations over the centuries. The course addresses the question of why everyone, apparently across the globe look for the Hindu civilization and why?

The course can be taken as a continuation course within the series called “Exploring Hinduism”, or as a stand-alone program. Both parts may be taken in any order, or used as a stand-alone class. The course is suitable for teens aged 12-18 on their own or with their grandparents and parents as well.

“Exploring Hinduism” is a series of courses that provide an organized exploration of the various aspects of one of the oldest families in the world’s practices and civilisation. This course debunks the current myth that Hindus were “outsiders” and were involved in nothing but The Vedas Yoga spirituality Penance, Meditation as well as seeking to be free from the cycle of birth and death.

It provides a comprehensive understanding of the root of the continued prosperity and prosperity of the Hindus over a long period of time. It examines the question “Are Hindu ideas obsolete? Are they outdated? Or do they have contemporary significance?”

In two parts of 10 sessions which span the span of a quarter, this class will explore a range of topics of innovation, inventions trading and development, and continuous contributions that have characterized that of the Hindu culture for millennia. These will cover Metals, Textiles, Dyes, Spices, Diamonds, Navigation, Fireworks, Perfumes and the ways in which these inventions have impacted the world. In this course, students will gain confidence in the beginning of a realization in the way that Hindu Civilization has been very distinct from what our knowledge has taught us and reaffirm their faith in the Hindu philosophy and way of living, which has been long-lasting and sustainable for the past several centuries.

Course Learning Objectives:

In this course students will

1 Explore the wealth that was that Hindu Civilization that lasted for millennia and ended couple hundred years ago.

2.Discover the latest developments in technology and the industrial practices of the Hindus.

3.Explore the Hindu ethics and perspectives of conducting trade and industry in a sustainable way.

4.Consider the forces that could cause disruption and destruction to millennia of prosperity that is cultivated in a relatively short period of time

5.Discover the secret of balance and prosperity that the Hindus had that allowed their advancement in civilization and wealth

6.Find the courage to consider the future in regard to the issues and challenges confronting humanity, and propose radical solutions for the future.

Classes StructureThe class is structured in two parts –

Part A – The BIG 5

To better understand the five major contributions provided to the world by Hindus for the benefit of the entire world. What was their impact on the world as well as the Hindu Civilization? What was their fate and how can we take away from them to apply to our current situation?

Part B – The Game Changer

To understand the advantages the Hindus have cultivated, thanks to which they were in a position to dominate the food, lifestyles, and desires that dominated the entire world. How did this advantage get taken from them and how can knowing about it be relevant today?

Each session will last for one quarter, and will include an online session every week. Each session will be 90 minutes, with live online lectures as well as interactions with faculty members. The sessions will include quizzes and assignments.

Each component is distinct from the other and is able to be used in any order.

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