For every home, the design of the bathroom is paramount to the home’s aesthetic. By ensuring a well-designed and functionally sound bathroom interior, the aesthetic of the home is consolidated in its entirety. With the advent of new technologies and techniques in the field of product and interior design, we are able to access better standards of bathroom vanities to ensure longevity and durability of the product.

If you’re searching for bathroom vanities in the UAE, you can check our website to find products of a vast variety of styles, sizes, and materials, to find the product that best suits your space and its design aesthetic.

Some standout features of our bathroom vanities are highlighted below to give you an idea of the quality of vanities we offer to our customers in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Oman.



Modern bathroom vanities have a hallmark aesthetic defined by straight edges and sleek finishes. The lack of elaborate decoration allows the functional soundness of the vanity to be highlighted. The minimal décor and detailing defined by modern design aesthetics gives rise to a streamlined appearance of the bathroom components.



Innovations in design technologies have enabled the production of better quality bathroom vanities where the joinery details are so well made, seeming to be seamless. This helps to reduce the danger of water seepage causing damage over time, making sure that your vanities are durable and easily maintained over the span of their lifetime.



Modern bathroom vanities can be adapted to suit a variety of material finishes. With a wide range of materials to select from, the vanities on our website offer a vast range of products ranging from finishes such as marble, stone, granite, wood, etc. A diverse material selection creates opportunities for experimentation with the interior design scheme, thus opening doors for the spaces of your imagination to be brought to life.



Modern bathroom vanities are not only countertops, acting as a surface for the washbasin to rest upon. Instead, they optimize the space they occupy by providing storage shelving beneath the countertops. This can be in the form of sliding drawers, open shelves, or hinged cabinets. The choice of the arrangement can be made based on the functional requirement of each particular space. The presence of storage solutions is especially advantageous for modern vanities, as their fittings are designed to occupy as little space as possible, thus leaving room for the space to be allocated towards other functions.




Each individual space comes with its own particular set of requirements that must be catered to in order to arrive at a successful design. A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t take these requirements into consideration. Modern vanities however, can be adapted to suit the needs of every space. For instance, a small space could do with a smaller than average vanity to conserve space. Similarly, a space with angular walls could be best suited to a custom designed sink that makes best use of an odd corner. By creating room for customizations and bespoke design interventions, modern bathroom vanities can be altered to suit the space they inhabit.
To get an idea to customized your
vanity in Oman and Qatar, get in touch with our representative and explore the possible interior design solutions available.



In any bathroom interior, exposed fittings can be a constant eyesore, an indispensable yet inconvenient feature that much be tolerated. As a welcome alternative, modern bathroom vanities cater to the presence of these fittings by concealing them within the body of the vanity itself. No more ever present pipes and fixtures! These designs curate a seamless aesthetic, while ensuring accessibility for these essential services. All of the pragmatism, with no compromise on design aesthetics.



A well-lit space is always a well-designed space. A well-lit space is not one with an abundance of light flooding every nook and cranny. Instead, it is one that used light intelligently, bringing certain features into sharp focus while allowing others to recede into the background. Modern bathroom vanities have a cohesive design that integrates all aspects of functionality through a cohesive approach. This includes lighting fixtures as well. In our product selection, you will find a number of samples with a subtle influx of light, illuminating one shelf or the other. This helps to draw visual focus to certain elements in a space.

By integrating lighting as an essential aspect of design, the bathroom vanity eliminates the need for any later intervention disrupting the overall look of the space.



The introduction of modern technologies allows for a play of textures, elevating the tactile quality of certain materials that can then be thrown into relief by the strategic placement of lighting fixtures. Introducing texture into a space adds an organic touch to the material palette, elevating the space well beyond what it was originally conceived to be. For bathroom vanities, the surface treatments can be considered from a three-dimensional lens to bring in a variation of textures.


Visit our website to explore the range of material selections available for vanities in Dubai, to find contrasting textures you can add to your interior palette. With the features listed above, modern bathroom vanities offer a great number of design choices for use in bathroom interiors. By choosing to incorporate one or more of these elements, one can uplift the aesthetic of their bathroom interior to newer dimensions.


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