Doodle Jump

The goal of the video game Doodle Jump is to keep the creature known as “The Doodler,” a four-legged critter, from falling off an endless series of levels. The left edge of the playing field curves around to meet the right edge. All you have to do to play Doodle Jump is move from left to right to reach the platforms. Use the left mouse button to fire. Because the game can be played continuously, you must stay in the air for as long as possible to obtain the best potential score. How does Doodle Jump look at higher levels? As you continue through the stages, it is clear that the level of difficulty, which is roughly described as the speed of the platforms, will increase. Having said that, there is considerable flexibility.

At the very bottom of the screen, you’ll find the Doodler, or, more specifically, a list of Doodlers that scrolls horizontally. The list is numbered one through eight, representing the eight levels available in Doodle Jump 2; each level has its own introductory screen with various wiggling monsters. The mobile game Doodle Jump, which was first released on April 6th, 2009, is also known as Doodle Jump Classic. The goal of the game is to keep a four-legged creature known as a “Doodler” (called Doodle) from falling off an infinite sequence of platforms while playing the game.


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