Doodle Jump



The objective of the video game Doodle Jump is to prevent the character known as “The Doodler,” a critter with four legs, from falling off of an endless sequence of platforms. The edge of the playing field on the left curves around to meet the edge on the right. This game, which may be purchased individually for a total of 99 cents, has generated at least $2.97 million in revenue since its release in March of 2009. The Doodler, or more particularly a list of Doodlers that scrolls horizontally, can be found at the very bottom of the screen. The list is numbered from one to eight, symbolizing the eight levels that are available in Doodle Jump 2; each level has its own introduction screen with different wriggling monsters. The values for the standing long jump in 11-year-old boys were found to be 166.520.6 cm, while the values for the standing long jump in 11-year-old girls were found to be 157.520.2 cm. The statistics for the standing long jump for boys aged 12 were 174.6 17.8 cm, while the values for girls aged 12 were 161.4 20.6 cm.

Doodle Jump 2 also has a more polished appearance and enhanced visuals than its predecessor. I mean, they’re still doodle pictures, but there’s a definite boost up in clarity and animation quality this time around, and for a game that has such a simplistic appearance, those tiny things go a long way. I’m not saying that they’re not still doodle graphics, though.


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