Compare The Best YouTube Channel Growth Tools For YouTube Music promotion


The Top 6 YouTube Tools


  • Bitly

  • Pixlr

  • Tubular Insights

  • Keyword Tool

  • Creator Academy

  • Hootsuite


Once more, you should use as many marketing platforms as you can to promote your content for You Tube Promotion.

You must provide links to your YouTube channel and YouTube videos in order to accomplish this successfully. However, these linkages can occasionally be cumbersome, lengthy, and ugly.

I advise utilizing Bitly to shorten your links because:

You can keep your descriptions organized and tidy by doing this.

Because it offers more than just YouTube content for YouTube Promotion.

, Bitly is fantastic. Any link you’re promoting can be shortened with this tool.

Furthermore, since you are utilizing UTM parameters to track your leads, I advise using it if your links are lengthy.

Pixlr: On YouTube, thumbnails aid in capturing viewers’ attention.You may increase the number of clicks and views on your content with the right thumbnail. You can easily create effective thumbnails using Pixlr.

The addition of photos to any video clip is also a breeze with this tool.

Any image may be enhanced with layers and effects with Pixlr.

This programme has numerous photo-editing possibilities. It can assist you with any requirements you have for visual content outside of YouTube.

They also have mobile and online apps. Using any device, editing and uploading content is simple.

Tubular Insights: Formerly ReelSEO, Tubular Insights keeps you informed about the most recent trends, advice, and research for your video marketing approach for YouTube music video promotion.

On this network, experts provide tips and tutorials to assist marketers creating video content.

Tubular Insights monitors all video content worldwide across all platforms and devices. The videos are then divided up according to trends.

Utilize this knowledge to produce timely videos that are interesting to your viewers.

Here, you may find excellent blog postings on a variety of YouTube-related subjects. Even relatively simple how-to manuals are available.

You can look up popular YouTube creators to study their achievements.

Keyword Tool: The Keyword Tool does exactly what its name suggests—it suggests keywords for YouTube.

These words can be used in your descriptions, tags, and titles.

The best thing about Keyword Tool is that it also provides long-tail keyword suggestions.

Your YouTube channel needs to be search engine optimised, just like your website is.

You may create pertinent keywords for Google, Amazon, Bing, and other search engines in addition to YouTube with the aid of the Keyword Tool. A better rating and more visitors to all of your channels will be to your advantage.

To expand your reach, choose the nation you want to reach.

Like I said earlier, making a fantastic video alone is insufficient. Your content won’t be effective if no one sees it.

Make sure that organic search engines can find your videos. Use Keyword Tool for this reason.

Creator Academy: YouTube provides a facility called Creator Academy.On YouTube, you can find classes and how-to videos that include all the information you require.

Even though you can sort these by category and difficulty level, I strongly advise doing this if you are new to running a YouTube channel.

You get the opportunity to learn the fundamentals here, such as how to post, edit, and shoot content for your channel. Discover the best hints and shortcuts to simplify your life.

The Creator Academy offers guidance on how to make money from your YouTube channel.


 Last but not least is Hootsuite.


Given that it provides a wide range of tools to manage your social media marketing plan, some of you may be aware with Hootsuite.It was even included in my list of the best time-saving social media marketing tools.

It has a tool specifically for controlling your YouTube channel. Directly from the site, schedule video uploads from YouTube to your other social networks.

Additionally, Hootsuite makes it simple for you to collaborate with your team on enhancing YouTube video.

Give your staff duties to complete. You won’t have to provide your YouTube account details or passwords to anyone. The Hootsuite platform enables multiple logins.

Hootsuite will monitor your engagement data, just like some of the other apps on my list.

It produces reports that enable you to decide what needs to change and what should stay the same.


You may use your smartphone or tablet to access all these functions thanks to its mobile app. It’s an additional mobile management method for your YouTube channel.

The Top YouTube Tools in Summary

You must use tools to accomplish your objectives if you want to advance your video marketing strategy and expand your YouTube channel.

Regardless of whether you’re a marketer, influencer, online personality, or a team member at an agency, YouTube tools will significantly impact your video strategy and user reach. Although you don’t have to use all of these tools right now, I do suggest gradually integrating them into your YouTube development strategy.







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