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A home office needs sufficient illumination whether you labour furiously on paper or plug away at your laptop. Office lighting that is appropriate encourages productivity whereas poor lighting leads to headaches and eye strain. To assist, we’ve compiled some of our finest advice on how to spruce up your home office.


Iantha Carley used a sputnik pendant chandelier in this home office filled with a vintage desk, blue barrel chair, and vintage picture frames

There is a reason why layering lighting is a key component of interior design. Start with ambient lighting, which gives a space general illumination, to establish a comfortable working environment. Although natural light is generally preferred, if you don’t have the luxury of a window that gets plenty of daylight, choose overhead lamps. Even brightness is distributed through flush mounts or recessed lights, which are also not overly harsh. In any case, stay away from direct light. It may wash out your computer screen and produce glare, which will wear on your eyes. If adding overhead lighting is not feasible, think about using a floor lamp with an upward-facing light.

Kendall Wilkerson used a shaded floor lamp and sculptural pendant in this San Francisco home office

Your home office ought to be a flexible, multipurpose area. For more specialised tasks, task lighting such as desk or floor lamps provides focused illumination. Once more, think about using home office lighting fixtures with frosted glass or shades to ensure that you’re preventing eye strain. It’s important to remember that shadows can be just as harmful to you as too much brightness. Shadows can be created by lamps, especially when they are turned on alone without other lighting. Prevent placing your task lighting on the right side if you write with your right hand, for instance, to avoid casting shadows.


Accent lighting adds a refined, ornamental touch while supporting the other levels of a room. Accent lighting gives you the option to truly personalise and style your home office! Using vintage mantel and picture lights, wall sconces, and lamps, you may give your space more visual personality. Recessed lighting, track lighting, and wall washers can highlight architectural features like shelves, niches, or walls.

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