Step and repeat banners are a great, cost-effective way to increase brand awareness. A step-and-repeat banner is a backdrop, usually placed on the red carpet or at fashion events. It is filled with a specific company’s logo. Since these banners are used at higher-end events, it is an excellent opportunity to have photos taken of well-known people with your logo and name in the background. Here are some benefits of using a step and repeat banner. 



Step and repeat banners are very visible and attract a lot of attention. Anyone taking their photo in front can use it to share on social media, giving your brand plenty of exposure. The banner associates your brand with a high-end crowd or a luxury event positioning you as a professional brand in the consumer’s eyes. Step and repeat banners are often seen on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook; this is prime advertising real estate. Pictures taken with your banner will gain exposure and engagement, overall increasing brand awareness. 



Marketing can be costly, and your business may not have the fund for plenty of exposure. Celebrities you may want to associate with may be out of your price range and hard to come into contact with.

A step-and-repeat banner is a great way to market your business, even if you lack funds. Pictures of industry professionals or executives taken in front of these banners will increase your business’s exposure and spread brand awareness. 



When attending hiring fairs, trade shows, or conventions, having a step-and-repeat banner will instantly make your booth seem more impressive and professional. These banners draw attention and will help you get noticed, and your business will appear more established and put together while gaining more exposure. 



Step and repeat banners give you a chance to collaborate with other companies. More than one company may want its logo in the background for more significant events. You can use this as an opportunity to create a partnership, splitting the cost of the banner and having both companies featured. 

However, it is important to remember that when you collaborate with another company, the banner may only be used once. Find out if this purchase will be used more than once before teaming up with others. These banners can increase brand awareness and association when partnering with others. 



These banners are not just for one-time use and can be brought to multiple events over the years. Step and repeat banners can be used for advertising anywhere; find events where there will be plenty of photos and gain more exposure with more use. 

Printing a step and repeat banner will give your business a great return on investment. After gaining plenty of brand awareness and exposure, the banner will eventually pay for itself. 


Step and repeat banners can offer your business multiple benefits. They are professional and stylish, perfect for trade shows. They can also be used for advertising and exposure at larger events, acting as a backdrop for photos. These banners are worth the money, have a great return on investment and provide partnership opportunities. 858 Graphics prints step and repeat banners; visit our website to learn more. 


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