The Hindu University of America offers classes in Hindu-based philosophical systems that emphasize critical thinking, morality, and introspection. It trains students for service, leadership and engagement in the world by promoting Hindu culture and traditions in an academically independent environment. Hindu University of America offers many courses such as Vedic courses, Sanskrit language courses, Vedic studies courses, Hindu Veda.

Learn the prefixes or upasargas and four other kinds of sandhis and one more laukeeka nyAya (maxims analogy) through short narratives as well as essays. Students will also be familiar with common sayings and proverbs, and write simple essay in Sanskrit.

This is the course that forms component of the Certificate Program for Sanskrit Proficiency advanced phase. We strongly suggest that you sign up for the whole program, which is comprised of four quarters. The price for all eight quarters paid in one go is $1800, and $2400 if you pay quarter-by- quarter. (25% off of the entire cost) (Excludes the shipping as well as handling textbooks)

This is the final course of the Advanced Phase and following this course , students will be able to complete the Certificate Program for Sanskrit Proficiency (Total 24 Credit-hours, 16 quarters)

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