A Quick Guide to Toner Cartridges

The modern era is the age of printers and getting prints immediately. Now almost everyone has printers. Be it homes or offices, they are available almost everywhere. It is inevitable to not talk about cartridges. Lazer printer toner cartridges are a sort of printer cartridge that utilizes toner powder to cast a print. Cartridges can come in four tones: black, cyan, maroon, and yellow. Toner cartridges work with laser printers.

Monochrome laser printers as the name suggests use only one colour cartridge that is the black cartridge and just print in . Color laser printers utilize every one of the four cartridges and can print in black and color. A toner powder is used to get the color on the paper. A Toner powder is the dry, powdery material inside the cartridge that makes a print. Irrespective of the ink inside an ink cartridge, toner powder won’t dry out even when it is utilized rarely. Modern Laser toner printers use static electricity that is produced via friction and heat to bond dry toner powder to a page. It is used by large organizations, schools, or shoppers with an often high print volume.

Now the doubt that might arise is how many pages do these laser printer toner cartridges can yield. A cartridge’s page yield is the calculated number of pages you can print. Note that the page yield of a cartridge is based on 5% page coverage. This means that the quoted page yield is based upon printed pages where only 5% of the page has been imprinted with toner. For instance, a simple and short memo has about 5% coverage. Now in case you have a cartridge that has a yield of 500 pages, it can print 500 pages of that short memo. On the other hand chances are that you are printing letters, photos, your coverage will vary greatly and your page yield will drop immensely. Therefore, make sure to consider all these factors when using a laser printer cartridge.

There a number of cartridges that comes with a warranty or “best by” date which is printed on their box. In general, a toner cartridges can last up to 3 years in the box, when unopened. Therefore, in case you have some extra cartridges don’t throw them as they last long. You can buy toner cartridges when available on discount and save them for later use. Discount on toner cartridges is available at Toner Cartridge Depot. Check out their website to learn more.



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