6 Decorating Ideas For Your Kitchen

Decorating a home is something like getting dressed because you decide, how you want to be seen by others, and you decide how others will see your home. You are living in a big house or a small apartment is not important because finding a way to decorate the home is overwhelming for everyone, and you will need some advices from experienced designer.

We are pleased to say that we have for you a few unique solutions, how to design and arrange kitchen with modern decor. Our idea for your unique home decor and kitchen decor are handmade copper tiles to install them on the wall!

Generally you should know that handmade wall copper tiles you can use foremost in the kitchen, but some kind of copper tiles can be used also in living room as unique decoration.



Copper tiles in the kitchen – 6 ideas

 In every kitchen, modern-styled or rustically, wall copper tiles will look incredible because copper contrasts well with the popular colors used to decorate the kitchen.

We prepared a few proposals of decors with the use of copper like accent walls, fireplace decoration, and copper backsplash ideas.


1. Accent wall

Copper tiles will look stunning together with dark colors’ kitchen furniture with a glossy or matt surface. Up to your preferences, it is worth arranging the tiles into a mosaic or applying them to the entire wall so that you introduce an unusual decorative accent into the room. It will look great with kitchen countertops which are finished with copper marbling.


2. Strip of copper tiles on the kitchen wall

A great idea to add a delicate addition to the kitchen arrangement will also a simple strip made of copper tiles that will be located between the kitchen countertop and suspended cabinets.

This will add an unusual atmosphere to the kitchen and copper will be contrasting well with colors, such as white, black or blue.


3. Copper backsplash

Backsplash with the use of copper is a way to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen, and also to introducing an unusual decorative accent in the interior. If you think to install a metal backsplash in the kitchen, you can choose between copper, brass or stainless steel tiles. Every type of metal backsplash will perfectly bring a dose of individualism to the interior.


4. Copper plates with pattern

For those who prefer more unconventional solutions, we recommend choosing Celtic symbols, Celtic tree of life or elements of nature on the copper tiles for the backsplash. The metal backsplash will perfectly protect the wall from dirt and attract the attention of every guest through its impeccable presence. Copper backsplash look the best in a rustic style kitchen, but looks great in any decorating style.


5. Copper subway tiles

A wonderful way to turn up the theme of the arrangement of the kitchen will be to introduce copper subway tiles with a smooth surface. You can place subway tiles as an accent element of the wall or as a backsplash.


6. Copper fireplace tiles

If your kitchen have a fireplace, we suggest placing wall copper tiles around the fireplace. This is a fantastic way to facilitate every day’s cleaning and introduce decorative accents to the arrangement of the kitchen. We recommend using a smooth, subway copper tiles.