“3 symptoms” to check to protect your dog from filariasis

Because of the national law, rabies vaccinations are given every year, but I can’t afford to prevent filariasis.
My dog won’t get sick because he’s hit the mixed vaccine.

Filariasis is rare, isn’t it? There are not many owners who are high.

The cost of filariasis prevention is never cheap if you get it prescribed at an animal hospital.
Considering the cost, it will inevitably be postponed.

However, when it comes to this time of year when there are many mosquitoes, you start to worry, “Is my dog okay?”

Filariasis is a dangerous disease that can lead to the loss of the life of an important dog if the symptoms progress.
However, since the symptoms of filariasis are not very noticeable at first, it is also one of the troublesome diseases that owners often do not notice.

One of the early symptoms of filariasis is that dogs dislike exercise and walks.

However, this is not limited to filariasis, it is also a phenomenon that can be seen in other poor physical conditions, and naturally people dislike walking on hot summer days when the concrete is hot.
Another symptom of filariasis is loss of appetite.

So, maybe the dog who didn’t take filariasis prevention measures got filariasis? Notice these three symptoms.
If any of these apply to you, you may have filariasis, so we recommend that you have your pet examined at a veterinary hospital immediately.

■ Cough

Coughing symptoms are one of the symptoms that appear after filariasis parasitizes and grows into an adult worm. The initial symptoms are usually asymptomatic, but occasionally include a mild cough.
Of course, cough symptoms are not limited to filariasis. The main symptom of cough is viral infection caused by canine adenovirus.
This is a viral disease called “dog cold”, but most dogs are thought to be vaccinated with a combination vaccine, so infectious diseases such as canine adenovirus and canine distemper are mostly prevented. It should be done.
Therefore, filariasis should be suspected if a dog that has not been vaccinated against filariasis (and has been vaccinated against filariasis) begins to cough frequently.

■ Ascites (stomach swelling)

As the symptoms of filariasis progress, fluid will accumulate in the dog’s stomach. As you can see, your stomach will swell.
that? Has my dog gained a little weight lately? If you feel it, it may be a sign of filariasis. Even though the amount of food has not changed (or rather, the appetite has decreased), if the stomach comes out, first suspect filariasis.
If, in addition to these symptoms, you are feeling lethargic, or if you become reluctant to exercise or walk, please keep in mind that this is a red flag for filariasis.

■ Hematuria (red urine)

Adult filarial worms infest the lungs and heart and cause various symptoms. Most of them follow a chronic course and gradually develop symptoms of the disease, one of which is hematuria.
Be careful if your dog’s urine becomes reddish. This is a symptom that is easy to notice if you check your dog’s physical condition by taking daily walks.
In addition to filariasis, hematuria can also be caused by elderly dogs or bacterial cystitis, but it often develops together with the above symptoms such as coughing and ascites, so it is one of the symptoms that suspect filariasis. .

■What if I get filariasis? Will the dog be cured?

Diagnosis of filariasis requires testing
If you notice any of the above three symptoms, get your pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

You need to be tested for filariasis.

Diagnosis of canine filariasis infection is mainly carried out by immunological examination to detect the presence or absence of microfilariae in the blood and to detect adult antigens.

The examination fee varies depending on the veterinary hospital, but as a guide, it seems to be about 1000 yen to 3000 yen.

Unfortunately, if infection is found, electrocardiograms, X-rays, ultrasonography, etc. will be used to examine in detail the parasitic status of adult worms and damage to each organ, and treatment will be provided.

■ About the treatment of filariasis

What kind of parasite is filaria?
Since filariasis is caused by adult worms parasitic on the heart and lungs, the main treatment is to exterminate the adult worms, but the treatment varies depending on the age and condition of the dog and the parasitic status.
Either way, there are risks and costs involved.

■ Removal of adult worms by surgery

The treatment involves surgical removal of the adult worms. Insert long metal forceps to lure out adult worms that reside in the pulmonary artery.
Although it is an emergency procedure, it is not suitable for all dogs due to the risk of anesthesia and the difficulty of the operation.
This treatment is only given if the veterinarian determines that the animal is physically fit and able to withstand surgery.

■ Extermination by drugs

It is a method of exterminating adult worms with chemicals. However, there is a risk that dead heartworms can become lodged in the lungs and make the condition worse.
In addition, depending on the condition of the pulmonary artery before medication, the dog may die due to severe circulatory failure, so it is a treatment that requires careful judgment when administering medication.

■ Coping therapy

If it is determined that the filariasis cannot be tolerated by surgery or drug eradication, it will not do anything aggressively against the filariasis, but will be treated with measures such as suppressing coughing and removing accumulated ascites.
Although symptomatic treatment may be successful and the dog may survive for a long period of time, symptoms may deteriorate rapidly and lead to the city.
It forces you to rest your heart and blood vessels, and you are fed a high-quality, nutritious, balanced diet.

Prevention of filariasis is the best way to protect your dog
Prevention of filariasis is the best way to protect your dog
Heartworm prevention is the owner’s duty
Once a tooth decays, there is no choice but to scrape or pull out the tooth affected by the decay. There is no turning back. Therefore, daily toothpaste (prevention) is very important.

When infected with canine filariasis, various disorders appear, and in addition to threatening the life of the dog, it is a difficult disease to completely cure.
Even if you can treat filariasis, you may have serious sequelae.

In order to protect your beloved dog from filariasis, do not infest dog filariasis.

And it is only “prevention”.

In addition, prevention is 100% possible to protect dogs from filariasis.

Prevention includes mosquito control and medication.

However, it is practically impossible to completely eliminate mosquitoes from the environment or avoid being bitten.

Therefore, regular administration of prophylactic drugs every year is a sure way to prevent filariasis.

And dogs themselves can’t prevent themselves.

Only you, the owner, can protect your beloved dog from heartworm!

Let’s keep in mind that it is now our duty as pet owners to prevent heartworm in our dogs.

■ To prevent filariasis at a reasonable price

When we keep a dog, we will have various “duties”.

According to the “Rabies Prevention Law” established by the country, registration with the local government where you live and vaccination against rabies once a year.

In addition, it can be said that inoculation of mixed vaccines written at the beginning of the article is an obligation to protect dogs.

And from today, let’s consider the prevention of filariasis as a “duty” of us owners.

Of course, filariasis prevention is costly.

When it comes to veterinary hospitals, the cost is not cheap.

I think there are various circumstances depending on the cost of pets and owners who have multiple pets, but if you weigh the life of the dog and the balance, I don’t think there is an option not to prevent filariasis.

Please keep in mind that your dog is a member of your family and you are the only one who can protect your dog’s health.

For that reason, ペットくすりWEB will deliver information to protect your dog’s health in a way that does not burden you economically.

There is a way to get heartworm preventive medicine cheaper than you think.

Of course, before administering filariasis preventive medicine, there is a minimum cost such as having to be examined at an animal hospital.

After doing that, this pet drug web teaches you how to get the same medicine as the medicine prescribed by the animal hospital, or the medicine that requires the same effect and efficacy at a low price.

Please read the article so far and try to get medicine to protect your dog at a reasonable price.

From now on, let’s protect your dog from filariasis with self-care!

■ Filariasis is a troublesome disease that is difficult to notice because the initial symptoms are not noticeable, but by early detection and treatment while caring for the owner, you can protect your dog’s life from filariasis.
■ If you find signs of filariasis such as “cough”, “ascites”, and “hematuria”, be careful.
■ If your dog develops filariasis, there are treatments, but in many cases it is difficult to cure completely, such as aftereffects remain, so prevention in advance is very important to prevent filariasis infection.
■ As an owner, keep in mind that it is your duty to prevent filariasis in your dog.
■ In order to prevent filariasis at a reasonable price, use the information on the Pet Kusuri WEB to prevent illness through self-care.



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