“That’s when the students snitch.”. Liu Xiaotong’s character is not like a boy who likes to solve problems through teachers. So, whether you are deliberately hiding something or being hidden, you can figure it out by yourself, and I’ll give you ten minutes. Lu asked Ning Cheng to pay attention to the time. Teacher Li scratched his head and finally had to agree, “I’m going to call some naughty boys in the class. Please move to my office. There’s tea over there.” “These boys, including the one who didn’t come on leave.” Lin Xiaobo reminded him beside him. Teacher Li led them to the office of the first grade teaching and research group, beckoned them to sit down and began to make phone calls. After a round of phone calls, it was concluded that Liu Xiaotong did have a fight with a boy named Zhang Hang in his class on his birthday last Friday. The cause of the fight is not yet clear, but some students in the class saw that it was Liu Xiaotong who started the fight, and Zhang Hang’s injuries were not light. The person arranged by Lin Xiaobo also quickly replied to the message that the student who had been asking for leave and had not come to school was Zhang Hang, whose family said that he had gone back to his hometown with his grandparents. After learning about the situation of the school, before leaving the school, Lu mercilessly taught Mr. Li a lesson, “As a teacher in charge of a class, the students were injured in a fight, but you didn’t know anything about it. You really have the ability.” Teacher Li should be the first time to be so severely criticized, as a teacher, he is also dignified, immediately refuted,plastic pallet bin, “this police officer, the school is not just one or two students, to deal with things is not just two students disputes.”. Liu Xiaotong and Zhang Hang have always had a bad relationship. When they fight, they don’t tell the teacher, nor do they allow other students to tell the teacher. So what can I do? “Uh-huh, so it happened more than once.”. You’re the most brilliant soul engineer I’ve ever met. Lu finished, got up, and left the office directly without waiting for Mr. Li to defend himself. Lin Xiaobo and Liu Xiang followed closely. Ning Cheng looked at the depressed teacher in charge of the class and tried to comfort him,plastic pallet box, but finally said, “Teacher Li, Professor Lu spoke directly, but you really should tell the police about these things in advance.”. How much precious time has been wasted from yesterday to today? If something happens to the child, who will bear the responsibility? Teacher Li sighed, “Dr. Ning, you are right.”. But you don’t know how difficult it is for us to be teachers. I had no idea it was impossible, but what if I did? Zhang Hang’s parents put pressure on this matter through the leadership above. Originally, it was just a fight between students because of quarrels and disputes. If it was characterized as a vicious campus bullying incident, we would not have a good time. He privately explained some inside information to her, hoping to help the police investigate the case, and finally asked her to explain it in front of Lu. Ning Cheng could feel that he was actually a very conscientious teacher, and he could not say anything more. Remembering the eyelash she found in Liu Xiaotong’s Chinese textbook, collapsible bulk container ,stackable plastic pallets, she asked casually, “Teacher Li, are there any students in your class with very long eyelashes?” Teacher Li immediately nodded, “There is indeed a female classmate named Cheng Xiaojie, whose eyelashes are very long and dense.”. Some naughty boys feel curious and often pull her eyelashes, and the little girl suffers a lot. Ning Cheng immediately asked, “is Cheng Xiaojie sitting very close to Liu Xiaotong?” With a positive answer, Liu Xiaotong sat behind Cheng Xiaojie, but the two men did not speak much. Ning Cheng asked all the questions and left. When she arrived at the school gate, she immediately heard the sound of Lin Xiaobo’s car honking. She ran over and found that the co-driver’s seat was empty. It turned out that Liu Xiang had already gone to work. So she got into the passenger seat again. The author has something to say: The author’s words: The third wave of book friends who sent red envelopes yesterday: Silly, silly, silly Mo Wan I am Tuan Fan. A roll of balls ( ̄へ ̄) Casual Thank you for your support, remember to come to the book friends group, the red envelope will be a little bigger ~ (book friends group number: 87893235) Also has a secret, each chapter leaves a message the book friend, will have 660 book coins to subscribe the prize (the entire book reads estimates about 10 yuan), therefore, likes this story the book friend, many many messages, makes the industrious small bee to be able certainly to have the harvest, Mada ~ Now do you think Liu Xiaotong ran away from home and was kidnapped by Zhang Hang’s family, or where did he go? I hope it’s not as serious as Professor Lu said. See you tomorrow, Mada ~ Chapter 15 Two Heroes Compete for Deer Lin Xiaobo started the car and Ning Cheng asked him where to go next. Picking up orchards. A deep and slow sound came from the back seat, like the sound of a mountain spring flowing slowly in a mountain stream. Lin Xiaobo looked at the man in the rearview mirror and asked, “Professor Lu, could it be Zhang Hang’s parents who kidnapped him in retaliation for Liu Xiaotong?”? The whereabouts of Zhang Hang and his father are suspicious, and no one can be found now, but I have asked someone to take Zhang Hang’s mother, Ms. Qin, to the police station. Should we go back to the station and question her? We went to the orchard yesterday, and I don’t think it has much to do with the case. Yesterday you went to pick up the orchard in order to eat. I went to pick up the orchard today to investigate the case. These are two completely different things. Ning Cheng was a little surprised and looked back at the man in the back seat. “How did you know we were going to have dinner yesterday?”? I was going to invite them to dinner at home, but then because Liu Xiaotong disappeared, his mother knew that I worked in the police system, so she came directly to our shop. Lu withdrew his eyes from the window, floated over her, and continued to look out of the window, ignoring her question directly. Ning Cheng twisted his neck a little uncomfortable, and after waiting for a long time without answering, he sat up straight. How did she feel that his sour tone of voice, and the expression of dissatisfaction just now, were all in protest, she invited Chang Ziyang and Lin Xiaobo, but did not invite him? “Stop the car.” Lu suddenly called for a stop. Lin Xiaobo reacted, turned the steering wheel quickly,foldable bulk container, and parked the car on the side of the road. The car stops, three people get off respectively, Ning Cheng and Lin Xiaobo are very surprised to look at the man walking alone in front. cnplasticpallet.com