Production of videos involves preparing and editing videos for television broadcasts. It is similar to filmmaking, but the video is recorded either in digital form on videotape or in a physical format. It has three steps for producing a video – production (known informally as the principal film production) post-production. In preparing for the show, the entire video production process is planned before shooting the film. It involves scriptwriting, planning, and logistical and administrative tasks.

The phases of video production

1- Pre-Video Production


You must first know that there is a pre-production stage, which is the stage of preparation for production. This stage is the foundation stage for the project in terms of financing, planning, employment and all that is required of equipment and tools to the selection of filming locations and discussion of ideas and alternatives and other important things for video production. Before this stage, there is the development stage, which is considered laying the basis for the entire video production process, in which the idea, plan, schedule and budget are put together and put together in a coherent melting pot with setting goals and objectives for the video and defining the target audience and all this along with taking into account the budget, equipment and existing work team

The process of preparing for a long film takes from 3 months to a whole year, and the goal of this length is to work on solving all the problems related to the film so that the production process can be carried out easily and without the occurrence of any problems or obstacles that hinder the production project. This planning stage rests entirely with the director and producer of this work.


The director is fully responsible for everything related to the creative aspect of the video or film production process, as he is the employer. Therefore, the director deals with writers and photographers side by side to show the work in the final form required according to the vision and point of view of the director of this work.


As for the producer, he is responsible for the logistical elements of film production, including securing funding for film production, hiring other crew members, including workers, technicians, and specialists in lighting and photography, taking the necessary permits for filming locations, booking travel tickets, accommodation, providing meals, and many, many other essential logistics for film production. and from producer work is to ensure that the following is present :

  • Preparing the required Makeup

Preparing makeup is one of the tasks of the producer and one of the basics of video shooting. If the video depends on people or actors.

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  • Equip for lighting

    You may be surprised how much light is required for even the simplest of videos, shadows can appear from anywhere and it can be hard to tell where they come from, however much time spent at this point will reduce any work required after shooting the video.

  • Audio Processing

    Audio processing is important to ensure that the correct microphones are used and that the desired sound is captured. Headphones attached to cameras can be used to test sound.

  • A full script for the video in its various stages

This includes compiling a list of required shots – the basic elements that your video will consist of.

  • Storyboard

    Your script will not only guide the shooting team but also give the editorial team an excellent guide to work through and provide the basis for any further work.

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