Observing Wu Zetian only from a short distance, we can hardly see her contribution to Chinese history. In some places, like Wang Mang, she changed the appearance and names of government agencies and various things according to Zhou Li and other reasons and personal preferences. Luoyang was actually her capital, and after she monopolized power, she changed it from “Dongdu” to “Shendu”. The six departments of officials, households, rites, soldiers, punishments and labor are the six officials of heaven, earth, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Menxia province is Luantai, and Zhongshu province is Fengge. The flag was golden, and the Zichen Palace where she ruled was covered with light purple curtains, and the officials below the eighth grade who used to wear green clothes were wearing green clothes at this time. If someone suddenly came to Luoyang at this time, he would probably be shown off by the resplendent capital of God, or he might mistake the government of a great empire for a zoo because of the Phoenix Pavilion in Luantai. However, anyone who thinks that the Empress Dowager of the Tang Dynasty has become the Great Zhou Emperor, only decorating the facade, adding more distinct feminine colors and artistic sentiment to various things, is absolutely underestimating Wu Zetian’s “revolution”. Chinese historians usually think that Li Zhi, Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty,warehouse pallet racks, was weak and incompetent, which caused this period of “female trouble”. It is said in the Old Book of the Tang Dynasty that “since Xianqing, the emperor has suffered a lot from the wind and illness: all of them have been given detailed decisions by the Queen of Heaven.”. Now it seems that he is suffering from high blood pressure, which also hinders his vision and has a history of many years. Therefore, she relied on Wu Zetian to judge the letters and let her “rule from behind the curtain”. After the throne of the emperor, she learned that the conversation between Zhao and his subordinates had been carried out in 650 and 660 years respectively. In addition, the existing historical data could not prove that he had been a puppet emperor for a long time. Moreover, his activity and change were comparable to those of Empress Wu. Empress Wu changed the reign title 16 times during her reign, and Emperor Gaozong changed it 14 times. During his last five years on the throne,heavy duty metal racks, he had a different reign title every year, which was unprecedented. He once decided to lead Empress Wu on a personal expedition to Koryo, but gave up because of Empress Wu’s bitter remonstrance. He also traveled to Qufu with Empress Wu in the eastern capital and was granted the title of Mount Tai. On the day of his death, he was still preparing to ascend the gate of Zetian Tower, but he could not get on the horse because of asthma, but he still finished reading the amnesty ceremony in front of the hall. He also built Penglai Palace, Hebi Palace, Jiucheng Palace and Mirror Palace, all of which broke the traditional style. Since there was no precedent for his preparation of the imperial grandson, he called it “self-death”, that is to say, let me create this historical precedent. Li Zhi once said, “Emperor Yang refused to remonstrate and died, and I often thought it was a warning.”. Historians usually regard the imperial examination of Empress Wu as a milestone in China’s examination system. In fact, in 659 AD, Emperor Gaozong Li Zhi “personally decided to examine 900 people.”. With so many deeds, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,industrial racking systems, it can be seen that he let Wu Zetian, let her specialize, can not be regarded as mediocre. Moreover, Gaozong reigned for 34 years, and had repeatedly boasted in front of his subordinates that his empress was his doppelganger. The two of them called themselves “Emperor and Queen of Heaven”, and people at that time called them “two saints”. So he had left a legal status for Wu Zetian before his death. As soon as he passed away, the testamentary edict said that when the crown prince ascended the throne, “those who are not determined in military affairs will also take the Queen of Heaven to stop”, which already had the power of the emperor’s general decree. Therefore, some Gaozong officials, such as Di Renjie, a judge of the Supreme Court, served as Wu Zetian for decades and were not regarded as defections. But this arrangement, in the end, is not satisfactory to the whole court. Moreover, in the past, Gaozong himself was made the heir of Taizong Li Shimin, and it took a lot of trouble. It was only because of the strong support of Zhangsun Wuji that he was able to pass through the difficulties. Zhangsun Wuji was the elder brother of Empress Taizong Wende and the uncle of Emperor Gaozong. In the early years of the Tang Dynasty, he instigated the Xuanwu Gate Incident, helped Li Shimin seize the throne, and once again supported Gaozong’s succession to the throne. He was a hero of three generations, a veteran of two Dynasties, a prime minister for 30 years, and a Taiwei. He also had the reputation of a general of the Han Dynasty. But after he opposed Wu Zetian, he was framed by Gao Zong and exiled to Qianzhou. Later, he was forced to commit suicide. With this kind of thing as the background, Wu Zetian also knew that she had abused her power in the past few decades, and that she had to take the initiative to deal with the infighting of the Manchu Dynasty alone. Shortly after Gaozong’s death, the first problem was his son Li Xian. Although he was made emperor, he had no real power. At this time, he named Wei Xuanzhen, the father of the empress (that is, the empress Wei who later made trouble), as Shi Zhong (director of the attendant’s office). But Zhongshu Ling, who was in charge of important appointments and dismissals, refused. This is not only a matter of rank and position, but because Shi Zhong is a pivotal official position, and sent to the father of another queen, it is bound to conflict with the queen mother. This is also based on the traditional Chinese politics, the truth from top to bottom, the imperial power can not be rationalized, nor can it be divided. This incident did cause Wu Zetian to be dissatisfied with Li Xian, and became the main reason for dethroning him as the king of Luling. Soon after, Xu Jingye rebelled in Yangzhou. Jingye was the grandson of Xu Maogong, a veteran general of Koryo. He was exiled at this time, and his mood was unhappy. He also gathered a group of people who were not satisfied with the government in the east. It seemed that he did not have the sincerity of a real “diligent king”, and his rebellion could not be settled in March. However, his criticism of Wu Zetian, written by Luo Binwang, is a masterpiece in parallel prose, which has been widely read. It is mentioned that “the beloved son of the monarch is secluded in other palaces, and the clan alliance of the thief is entrusted with an important task”, which has clearly divided the line-ups of Li Tang and “pseudo-Wu”,heavy duty cantilever racks, and has the effect of propaganda. The article also urged the old officials of the Tang Dynasty to liquidate Wu Zetian with the feelings of the emperor and his son to Li Zhi. The article says: “The words are still ringing in our ears. How can loyalty forget the heart?”? If one’s soil is not dry, how can six feet of solitude be entrusted? More incendiary. In this way, Wu Zetian can only go to extremes. jracking.com