As the crypto bear market has continued after the crash of 2022, some cryptos look more likely than others to gain back their value in the near future. After speeding to a high point of more than $0.20 right out of the gate, Tron has lost most of its early gains, struggling to get back on track. On the other hand, other crypto such as Metacade are beginning what could be a meteoric rise. 

Tron Struggles 

Since its January 2018 high, Tron (TRX) has seen its share of ups and downs. After losing much of its value just a month after reaching its high, Tron rebounded in 2021 but that didn’t last long either. Between the crypto crash and the supply outweighing the demand, Tron’s TRX coin is now stuck in a downward spiral that doesn’t show any sign of ending soon.  

To make matters worse for Tron, the bankruptcy of crypto platform FTX has hurt TRX holders in a new way. As investors try to pull their funds from the sinking exchange as quickly as possible the coin is now trading at $0.30 lower on FTX than its market value. This means Tron holders are paying a whopping 400% premium just to move their TRX tokens and are having to take massive airdrop losses in the process. While its value is struggling to get back on track, the FTX bankruptcy is only making Tron a riskier asset by the day. 

What is Metacade? 

Metacade is a decentralized GameFi hub that looks to put everything related to P2E gaming on one go-to platform. Metacade is attracting gamers of all skill levels and Web3 enthusiasts by giving them the opportunity to earn their MCADE token in a whole number of ways. This includes writing reviews, posting top alpha games, and testing games in development. This is in part to nourish the platform’s tokenomics, as well as create a feeling of community on the platform. 

The goal of Metacade is to be a community dedicated to all things GameFi. The space will give users the ability to chat with one another in real-time to discuss and discover the hottest new metaverse games. It will also host its own games, as well as prize giveaways and tournaments for members of the community. 

On top of that, Metacade will give its users the chance to shape the actual future of gaming by letting them vote on which game developers will receive grants to make their games on the platform. Gamers can communicate directly with developers to let them know what they want in a game, giving them unprecedented control in the creation of future metaverse games.  

While most GameFi platforms are only interested in a quick turnover, Metacade is looking to build a lost-lasting community space. As a GameFi hub for the people, run by the people, Metacade will attract gamers, Web3 enthusiasts, and investors as its popularity grows. This translates into steady growth and returning users. 

Why Metacade (MCADE) Will be More Successful than Tron (TRX) 

As Tron’s value fluctuates near its lowest levels ever, its struggles due to the bear market and FTX bankruptcy ico calendar should only continue. On top of that, its low demand makes it a risky asset at a time when people are looking to find the best value they can from the crypto market.  

On the flip side, Metacade has nowhere to go but up. At the moment, Metacade is just getting its presale underway. The value of its MCADE token is as low as it’s going to be, making it one of the best value options right now in the crypto market. Having avoided the crash, it should see steady gains as the market begins to pick back up.  

Metacade’s decentralized model and opportunity to earn and shape the next generation of online games should make it one of the top GameFi hubs in the industry. By offering something different, Metacade can attract both hardcore and casual gamers, as well as new developers who want to turn their game ideas into reality.  

Hosting a multitude of games on one platform will mean that the value of Metacade won’t be tied to one game’s success. Instead Metacade can remain relatively stable as new games replace old ones and as more people join the community. As the community grows, so will the popularity and value of MCADE. With its presale just getting started, it’s time to get in on the ground floor of what may be one of the most popular gaming sites. 

All of this makes MCADE a far better value than coins such as TRX whose struggles have diminished its once-bright future and left it mired at the bottom of the crypto market. With MCADE, investors have a coin that they can actually expect to rise rooted in a platform with a promising future ahead of it.