In the past, I thought adult stores were in the dark, but now there are more women’s adult storesLOL I recently went into adult products for women in the city with my friend, and they are love gels, massage gels, etc.It was amazing because there were so many products So I thought about buying adult products for women, so I picked up Love Gel. I was curious because it’s a love gel that I’ve never used before! But since it touches the skin directly, you have to check the ingredients in detail, but the information is definitely less than the products sold in shopping malls.Not only is it not a 100% water-soluble product, but it’s vague and embarrassing to ask openly, so I didn’t want to buy it on the spot. So I came home and bought Vibe’s Love Gel product, which is rumored to be a female adult product. The internet came out well to 성인용품 check the ingredients and safetyIt’s a love gel and massage gel that protects women’s precious places,